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  1. BMG Legend Jacket Reviewed by RoadRunner Magazine

    Jacket Naming Contest Winner ! Jacket Naming Contest Winner !When the company reached out a year ago about a brand-new jacket they wanted us to test in preproduction we happily obliged. With a few cruisers and vintage bikes still in the stable, I spent the summer and fall riding around in what is now called the Legend jacket. Although...
  2. Cafe' Racer Magazine Jacket Naming Competition

    Cafe' Racer Magazine Jacket Naming Competition
    British Motorcycle Gear has a new Jacket coming out in July and we need a name for this stylish leather jacket. As you can see the lines and design are Cafe' Racer inspired so who better to pick a name than the readers of Cafe' Racer Magazine.. Please comment here with your name suggestions contact information so we can pick...
  3. BMG Affiliate Program makes $ and sense.

    BMG Affiliate Program makes $ and sense.
    Become a British Motorcycle Gear Affiliate and earn $ from Blogging about your motorcycle adventures. Sign up at
  4. Motorcycle mayhem: the Isle of Man TT

    Motorcycle mayhem: the Isle of Man TT
     Motorcycle mayhem: the Isle of Man TT Each summer, the tranquil island in the Irish Sea becomes the home of one of the most exciting road races in the world, as Richard Holt reports. The Isle of Man is a self-governed tax haven sitting midway between Belfast and Blackpool. For most of the year, it is a sleepy, picturesque...
  5. Trailbalzer with Stuntman Riley Harper

    In collaboration with the Details Magazine Content Studio, Belstaff took to the road with Hollywood stunt double Riley Harper to capture the controlled adrenalin required to perform his thrill-seeking moto moves. Harper travels the world flipping over cars, gunning motorcycles and taking chances - or doing, in his words, 'things that to me are normal, but to most people...
  6. Lawrence of Arabia and his Belstaff Jacket

    Lawrence of Arabia and his Belstaff Jacket
    The Legend of Lawrence The start of a new year always means the potential for adventure and discovery. No man has adventured further than TE Lawrence, whose intrepid spirit is celebrated here by Rob Ryan It is the time of year when we look to the coming 12 months and begin to plan our trips away, perhaps conjuring up something...
  7. Che Guevara and Belstaff's Revolutionary Waxed Jackets Words: Simon de Burton Che Guevara on a pushbike Gael Garcia Bernal in Motorcycle Diaries When the young Che Guevara set off to explore South America on two wheels, he carried few possessions, but undoubtedly one of the most important was the Belstaff waxed-cotton jacket that offered him protection from both road rash...
  8. Belstaff Movie Starring David Beckham

    Belstaff Movie Starring David Beckham
    The Interview MR DAVID BECKHAM Sport’s biggest style icon chats to Mr John Lanchester about fatherhood, football and his starring role in Belstaff’s short film Outlaws Words by Mr John Lanchester These days, Mr David Beckham describes himself as “a driver”. He is only half joking. He takes his children to their four different schools every morning, picks them up...
  9. Well Travelled

    Groundbreaking expeditions and epic road-trips are a time-honoured Belstaff tradition founded by Che Guevara, Steve McQueen, and most recently Ewan McGregor and David Beckham. Now Californian Chris Burkard takes up the mantle of defining the spirit of two-wheeled adventure today, chasing the perfect shot around the globe in a ‘personal crusade against the mundane.’ Usually found surfing the Artic with...
  10. Only thing that beat a throttle in your Hand.

    Only thing that beats a throttle in your hand. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

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