Halcyon Mark 9 Deluxe Goggles
Halcyon Mark 9 Deluxe Goggles Halcyon Motorcycle Goggles Proudly made in the UK

Halcyon® Mark9 Deluxe Aviator Goggles

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These Halcyon motorcycle goggles have graced the covers of classic Motorcycle magazines all over the world for decades. If you love that motorcycle Cafe Racer look the Halcyon Motorcycle goggles will complete your wardrobe. Another classic motorcycle accessory from British Motorcycle Gear. British Motorcycle Gear Protecting The Café Racer in all of us

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Factory Showroom Opening December 2017
3508 Seagate Way Suite 110
Oceanside California 92056
Call for Showroom Hours: 1-858-336-9197
The Halcyon Mark 9 Deluxe Aviator Goggle is in the synthetic leather range.It is manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and has a lot in common with the Mark 49 goggle. The chrome-plated solid brass frame is hand-stitched to a soft synthetic leather face mask, and the nose bridge screw is made from quality stainless steel. The lenses are made from polycarbonate which is treated with a scratch-resistant coating. Each lens is housed in an independent frame which can be easily removed from the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted. The head band now also comes fitted with triple silicon, elasticated non-slip strips for the perfect grip when worn over an open face crash helmet..Manufactured in the UK and based on the original RAF flying goggle of the 1940's.Halcyon Motorcycle Goggles are a popular choice for use with all styles of open face motorcycle helmets.Halcyon frames are made in the UK from brass. The Brass is then painted Black on the Race Versions to give you that Bad Ass Look. Most prescription lenses can be accomodated with the Halcyon lens frame by your optician (+6 to -6 lenses).

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