Pioneer II Motorcycle Pants-Male-XX-Large (38-40 waist)-32-33 inch Inseam

The Pioneer Motorcycle Pants are comfortable all season touring motorcycle pants. When the weather get down right nasty the Pioneer Motorcycle Pants won't let you down. These heavy duty, double reinforced, fully armored reflective motorcycle pants with fire proof panels on the legs are what the British Couriers Swear by. When the weather changes, as it always does on an Island in the North Sea, the Thermal liner just zips out. The Pioneer motorcycle pants are now perfect for commuting in the calm after the storm. Waterproof, breathable and windproof pants in 500 Denier Dupont Cordura with Black Hitena twisted nylon and Lumidex Hi-Vis fabric. The inner calf area has Nomex fire retardant fabric. The second layer contains a fully taped "Microskin" waterproof/breathable drop liner for total water protection. The final third part is a detachable quilted liner of Thermolite and 190T nylon embossed lining.


  • 500 Denier Dupont Cordura is PU coated, breathable and anti fray
  •  Lumidex Hi Vis fabric on outside of thigh area
  • Nomex fire retardant fabric on inside of calf area
  • Knox Traumalite armor for hip and knee
  • Detachable Thermolite padded liner
  • Two secure zipped front pockets with 3M reflection
  • VELCRO strap adjustments at ankle
  • Double covered seat area in Dupont Cordura
  • Overlay Dupont Cordura patches on knee areas
  • Elastic waist for proper fit
  • Zipper connects to jacket
  • Rear ankle gusset
  • Reflective logo zipper pulls
  • Dupont 3M Reflective trim down back of calf What the Press has to say about the BMG Pioneer Motorcycle Pants: "These are superb winter trousers. There's CE armour in hips and knees, thick Cordura (double thickness on knees and arse) providing the wind and waterproofing, while the plush lining and really warm Thermolite inner keep you toasty. They're not really intended as over trousers or, indeed, just for winter use but I do wear them in only the colder months ( I prefer leather in summers) For Extra warmth I got a size larger than I really need so I can wear my jeans underneath. Cunning- and the Pioneer are still slim enough that I don't feel like the Michelin man walking around like this. There are two zip-fastened hip pockets, zip-and-velcro-strap cuff adjusters and fine high-visibility strips on the calves. They've only ever let a little water in once- and that was after riding 300 miles in what felt like chest-high water (never seen rain like it). This revealed another plus, though, hung from a coat hanger, they dried out within 3 hours, ready for me to swim the final 100 miles home. How good are they? I almost look forward to riding in winter, just so I can wear them." Bike Magazine

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5001-Male-XX-Large (38-40 waist)-32-33 inch Inseam
  • " British Motorcycle Gear's Pioneer Pants are marketed as the company's all season adventure pants. Being waterproof, windproof, breathable, and insulated, they were designed for all seasons and weather conditions. The Pioneer Pants are a well designed, well executed pair of all around synthetic riding pants." BMW Owners News
  • "Motorcyclists often play the "what if" game with clothing, as in "What if you could only buy one jacket and one pair of pants?". Then the discussion begins and, of course, can go on for hours with everyone arguing for their own version of what works and what doesn't. We often get questions from visitors asking to recommend a single jacket or pair of pants that will work in all weather and climates. Of course, no perfect answer is possible, but, like suggesting a Honda or Toyota to someone who asks for a recommendation for a "good" car, you wouldn't go far wrong by suggesting the Pioneer pants with no regrets. The Pioneer pants are made from the ubiquitous 500 denier DuPont Cordura fabric, with a double dose on the knees and the seat for good measure. One interesting feature is the Nomex fire retardant material that's been added to the inner sections of the lower legs to help prevent burns from hot exhaust pipes. I don't recall ever seeing this fabric, which is used in car racing suits, used this way in motorcycle apparel. The Cordura in the Pioneer pants is also coated and it's claimed to be breathable with an anti-fraying capability. The attached full-length pant liner is claimed to be waterproof with sealed seams. I was caught out during the start of a rain storm last week wearing the Pioneer pants and although I didn't spend hours on the Interstate, the pants stayed warm and dry during the entire ride home. The pants also feature Knox Traumalite armor in the knees and hips and the hip armor seems thicker than the usual thin foam padding found in most other motorcycle pants of this type. The knee armor is especially easy to access via pockets on the front of the pants. The removable liner is one of the nicest features of the Pioneer pants. It's a nice, thick Thermolite lining that is very comfortable and very warm. It attaches with a full-length zipper inside the waist and with a combination of a snap and hook-and-loop at the leg cuffs. This keeps the liner in place and makes the pants feel more "together", especially when putting them on or taking them off. Some lined pants feel like the liner is too loosely attached to the outer shell, giving an uncomfortable feeling because the two can become misaligned as you're riding or walking, but not these. The fly uses a YKK zipper and it has a long fabric zipper pull attached. The pants have a hook-and-loop flap over the zipper and the waist uses a metal hook as a connector. The fly is fully backed with the waterproof fabric, so it shouldn't leak. The waist is higher than normal in the back, providing good coverage to that crucial area to help maintain warmth. There are two very nice belt adjusters on either side of the waist with a long strap that comes out of a "hidden" pocket, goes through a D-ring and attaches back on itself with hook-and-loop. The right side belt has a cool Union Jack attached to the outside. The belts also feature a rubberized handle at the ends, which make it easy to adjust to fit. The front pockets are edged with highly reflective piping for a total width of about 20 mm (3/4"). Long fabric zipper pulls allow the pockets to be easily opened and the pockets are lined and voluminous, about 18 cm deep and 20.5 cm wide (7" deep and 8" wide). Down below, each leg cuff has a side zipper that is also edged with the highly reflective fabric. The zipper opens to about 31 cm (12") and they are backed by the same Cordura material used in the shell, so no water should enter here either. Another nice feature is the leg cuff cinch straps, which are much better than the normal hook-and-loop strip on most pants of this type. These have the same type of strap used in the waist; it feeds through a robust D-ring on the opposite side of the zipper, which allows the legs to be securely fastened. I like this system much better than the basic hook-and-loop strap on other pants, which always seem to come loose. My feeling is that the pants are designed to be worn alone and not as over-pants, and the legs are designed to be worn over a pair of riding boots. Thus, the D-ring cuff closure works very nicely to keep everything secured down there but if the pants are worn under the boots, the "loop" section on the cuff would have to be about another 2-3 cm longer to allow me to cinch it up over my rather thin ankles. Conclusion The British Motorcycle Gear Pioneer pants are comfortable, warm and they offer good levels of protection against the elements and other hazards. I really like the waist belts and the leg cuffs and the Knox armor in the knees and hips. There's nothing super-stylish about these pants but they're highly functional, well made and they have all the little features that should make them a perfect answer for that "if you only had one" question." Web Bike World
  •  "When combined, the pieces of British Motorcycle Gear’s all-weather riding suit exceed the sum of their parts. In fact, this outfit is so weather-resistant and comfortable that with the removable quilted liner installed in both pieces, an adventurous rider might trade in his or her two-wheeler for a dogsled and race the Iditarod in relative comfort. The 3/4-length waterproof Challenger jacket certainly doesn’t suffer from any shortage of storage – even its pockets have pockets! Down by the adjustable hem, two Velcro-sealed cargo pockets, with rubber tabs for easy access, have two flat pockets on their fronts. The spacious breast pockets are designed to open whether the two zippers are pulled up or down, and have additional compartments inside for a cell phone and eyeglasses case. Meanwhile, at the end of each sleeve there’s a small pocket useful for carrying change for tolls. The only thing missing from this feature-laden jacket with form-fitting tabs, snaps and zippered vents is an extended neck gaiter. True, the padded mandarin collar is adjustable, but nonetheless it leaves a sliver of skin exposed beneath the helmet to heavy rain or excessive cold. The jacket and pants zip together at the small of the back, and both are fortified with armor exceeding European CE standards for personal protective equipment. The jacket features pieces at the shoulders and elbows (a back plate is an optional accessory), and the pants have hip and knee inserts. The waterproof Cordura  pants have Velcro™ cinches at the waist and ankle, heat-resistant fabric on the inside calf, a padded seat, and enough reflective strips to make sure automobile drivers take notice. Although the pant legs are cut long enough to cover the boot tops of lanky riders like me, I got caught up midway in the motion of swinging my leg over the saddle because the crotch construction doesn’t allow enough freedom of movement. Once seated, the problem disappeared, but it seemed a peculiar issue to encounter in otherwise extraordinarily well-made gear." RoadRunner Magazine
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