Knox Level 2 Motorcycle Spine Protector

Knox® Back Armour

Knox® Full Armour Kit

Knox Motorcycle Body Armour is the World Standard for motorcycle protection. This motorcycle protective armor is one of the true secrets behind the scene. Have you ever wondered how the pro's take so many hits and still keep riding for the finish line? What is under your protective motorcycle clothing is just as important as your motorcycle jacket and pants. Always rely on Knox Motorcycle Body Armour to take you to the finish line.

•Knox is designed to replace uncomfortable or crash damaged armor.

•Knox Advance X Impact Protectors are made from a 3 layer construction with a unique polypropylene honeycomb inner core that is covered in soft PE foam.

•The protector is engineered to form a flexible and comfortable protector.

•Only 120 gram per piece.

•When tested against the European standard EN1621-2 the transmitted force is 16kN making this a Level 2 back protector. Kit Includes 1- Level 2 Knox Spine Protector 2- Knox Hip Protectors 2- Knox Knee Protectors 2- Knox Shoulder Protectors 2- Knox Elbow Protectors Another fine motorcycle accessory brought to you by British Motorcycle Gear made in the UK. British Motorcycle Gear Protecting The Café Racer in all of us.

Knox® Full Armour Kit is available to buy in increments of 1
Knox Knee and Elbow Motorcycle Armor
Knox Knee and Elbow Motorcycle Armor Knox Hip Armor Knox Level 2 Motorcycle Back Armor Knox Shoulder Armor
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